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Steve Pettit, Director     

One In Christ, Inc. exists to further the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through Christian preaching, teaching, and pastoral counseling ministries, we seek to develop mature Christian disciples in the kingdom of God, strengthen the local church and encourage the family unit. We have determined to provide mission and ministry opportunities, experienced resource personnel, and the necessary facilities and settings for the above stated purposes to take place. Our overarching objective is to enlarge the awareness of "Christ in you, the hope of glory," (Col 1:27) as the liberating truth of God able to make the above stated vision an actual reality.

Although One In Christ, Inc. offers all its services without set costs or fees, we freely and gratefully receive all donations, honoraria, or love offerings into our general fund from which staff and facility expenses are covered.

Our director is Steve Pettit (b. 9/2/55). He is married (6/6/80) to Ella (b. 11/14/55) and they have five children and 7 grandchildren. Steve has received academic and theological education from Northern Kentucky University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Luther Rice Seminary.

As director of One In Christ, Inc. Steve travels throughout the United States leading discipleship, renewal, family life and pastor's conferences. Through the week, people come to our home/office for personal and family counseling and mentoring. In 1997, Steve also helped plant a new church start, CenterPoint Christian Fellowship, targeting the university communities in Gainesville, Florida. CCF has now replanted itself in the local community churches. Steve has also written numerous articles for Christian publications.

Regardless of the forum or venue, One In Christ, Inc. is committed to the maturing of all believers, seeking always to enlarge the church's awareness of "Christ in you, the hope of glory", so that we as Christians may learn to live all of life from our oneness with Christ.